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There's always plenty going on! Below you'll find some of the things we are involved with. Our aim is that through these programmes we would equip children, young people and adults for a lifetime of following Jesus.
Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved. 



At Sunday School our aim is to introduce and develop children's understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Activities are used to help reflect on the lessons taught. Sunday school is held for all children aged 3-5 during the church service on Sunday morning.


Cadets and Gems teaches Christian living to children in Years 5 – 10.  The groups meet at the church every second Monday evening for hands-on activities such as crafts, scouting and group sports/games, as well as bible study.



Youth groups are a place where young people can meet together to grow and encourage each other as disciples of Christ. This group is for people aged 15 years and over, who meets fortnightly on Thursday nights.


Catechism is a Bible class for young adults. Younger groups spend a year in each of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Older groups progress into tackling questions about the doctrine, how we can better know God and how we can follow Christ in a rapidly changing society.  Classes meet on Tuesday evenings.

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Ladies @ Eight is a gathering of ladies of all ages that meet for a time of singing, devotion, craft, activities, encouragement and fellowship.  The group meets about eight times a year on Monday nights.


Small group Bible studies are held with the desire to grow people in their understanding of the gospel through the Scriptures, and to deepen relationships with each other. Groups include a mid-week ladies bible study as well as fortnighly and monthly studies where people meet at various church members’ homes.

Global Missions

The Overseas Missions Committee has been established to help inform, educate and inspire the church about missions work in countries around the world, such as Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Asia, Australia, and Vanuatu.


The Missions Care Team supports missionaries by promoting their work, providing encouragement, and acting as a local presence to liaise with the congregation.

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The Reformed Church of Hamilton supports mission workers serving the Asia Pacific region:

Janice has worked in Southeast Asia (and now NZ) under the auspices of Reach Beyond for the last 30 years, creating and delivering radio announcer training courses to help spread the Gospel.

Pieter and Joanna serve amongst the ni-Vanuatu people. Pieter is involved with training elders and deacons, translating sermons into Bislama and leading in worship, occasional visits to church members, and preparing devotions for the prayer meetings and youth group. Joanna’s work includes hosting people and can involve anything from teaching sewing to providing basic medical care, which is invaluable.

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